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The ultimate visual history, with foreword by michael j. October 21, 2015, was a long way off when back to the future, part ii hit movie theaters in november, 1989. From back to the future part ii by craig shaw gardner quote, page 2. Music from the motion picture soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the film of the same name. All thanks to the guiding hand of bttf cocreator bob gale and. Theres plenty of common ground for bipartisan compromise, said harry reid, the new. Following the real life adventures of president biff trump tannen and everything else bttf related. Today, 21 october 2015, is back to the future day the day marty mcfly and doc brown travelled forward to in back to the future part ii. The franchise follows the adventures of a high school student, marty mcfly michael j. The question of where the browns do go, since doc doesnt say, will also hopefully be revealed. Today is wednesday october 21, 2015 and this book is a perfect way to celebrate back to the future day.

The album included two tracks culled from alan silvestris compositions for the film, two tracks from huey lewis and the news, two songs played by the fictional band marvin berry and the starlighters, one played by marty mcfly and the. Apparently he also went with clara, jules and verne, probably beyond 2015. So, we didnt get hoverboards and flying cars in 2015. Secrets between the mcfly family and doc brown are revealed and what happens to the inventions that dont quite work as planned. The ultimate visual history hardcover october 20, 2015.

Soviet proverb obviously, the coloredpage revisions do not appear in this file. Today, october 21, 2015, is the day that marty mcfly, the hero of the popular 1989 movie back to the future part ii, arrives on after he travels to the future. On 21 october 2015 we will finally be at the point in time to which marty. On october 21, 2015, one hour before his past self would arrive with marty mcfly and jennifer parker, dr. In the 1989 film back to the future part ii, foxs character marty mcfly travels to the date oct. Back to the future is an american science fiction adventure comedy film series written and directed by robert zemeckis, produced by bob gale and neil canton for steven spielbergs amblin entertainment, and distributed by universal pictures. The 25th anniversary dvd of back to the future features original screen tests for robin williams jon hamm, al pacino bill hader, eddie murphy jay pharoah. Back to the future is an american science fiction adventure comedy film series written and.

The real 2015 isnt so great in this back to the future parody. Seeing an old, blackandwhite picture of his father, gale began to. The original cast of back to the future, including michael j. Back to the future iv fanmade trailer is outta this. Heres how back to the future plans to celebrate its 30th. The year 2015 as visited by martie mcfly got a lot of things right about todays tech, but in other ways our modern contraptions are. How the 1980s explain the world we live in nowour culture, our politics, our everything. On 21 october 2015 we will finally be at the point in time to which marty mcfly michael j fox travels in back to the future ii, the 1989 sequel to the time. The book also delves into the wider back to the future universe, exploring the animated television show and back to the future. A new timeline was created, and most things that they originally witnessed in 2015 never existed. Theres a host of information out there on the back to the future trilogy, but never before has there been a book like this the history of the films, cartoons, toys, and more. Watch doc brown return in this fantastic back to the. Fox, christopher lloyd, and lea thompson, reconnected on wednesday in nyc for. The book is very well protected, absolutely no dings or dents.

Back to the future, part ii predicted technomarvels of. In this clip from college humor, marty mcfly and doc brown travel ahead to 2015, only to find the future is actually a pretty. The delorean time machine is a fictional automobilebased time travel vehicle device featured in the back to the future franchise. The tech back to the future predicted for 2015 and. Marty learns that biff was given the book by 2015 biff on november 12, 1955, so he and doc go back to that date in order. I am a huge fan of bttf and have seen each movies literally hundreds of times.

After living out of my suitcase the past few years in 2015 alone, i did 28 talks around the world, i look forward to holing up in my home office and writing these books people have been asking forand frankly, that i need too. Back to the future is, was, and will always be a 5star film worthy of all the accolades it receives. Instead, he and marty mcfly end up using it to travel across years of hill valley history to change the past. With jeffrey weissman, logan wildey, michael garcia, kyle chen. On october 21, 2015, marty mcfly happened upon the book and fantasized. Originally intended to debut in time for the films 30th anniversary in 2015, the. The second part of the famous trilogy, starts off right where the first one ended. Fox, preface by christopher lloyd, and afterword by robert zemeckis. New back to the future comic book answers burning questions. The film has been inducted into the national film registry, having.

As it happens, wm predicts and correlates with iq 3 and may use the same neural networks 4, suggesting that wm might be iq 5. Every future prediction from back to the future part ii and. October 21, 2015 back to the future day home facebook. The game is an episodic graphic adventure based on the back to the future film franchise. Universal pictures people globally were quick to pay. Back to the future almanac rob klein, jennifer smith, bob gale on amazon. Back to the future the musical arrives in 2020 at the manchester opera house. The game was developed and published by telltale games as part of a licensing deal with universal pictures. The 1985 movie and pop culture phenomenon thats now more loved than ever is transported to the stage by the films original creative team of bob gale and robert zemeckis. So both begin an adventure that will end between the legs of the spectacular amy brooke. The special edition release will be available on october 21, 2015, a date that back to the future fans will recognize as the day marty mcfly michael j. The past present and future come crashing together as only back to the future can do it. Back to the future is being rereleased wednesday, and fans can compare its vision of the future with the realities of 2015.

Nback is a kind of cognitive training intended to expand your working memory wm, and hopefully your intelligence iq 1 the theory originally went that novel 2 cognitive processes tend to overlap and seem to go through one central bottleneck. One of my favorite movies of all time, back to the future part ii goes just as well in book format. Lessons from back to the future answers in genesis. Im currently in the process of editing a collection of essays on the franchise, and one of my contributions will be on the novelisations as a form of parallel universe storytelling. Herein, the current state of hoverboard technology and drone dog walkers. Bob gale, cocreator, cowriter and coproducer of the film trilogy, assisted telltale in writing the games story. Column one time travel lesson we can all learn from back to the future.

Back to the future the musical the official website home. This deluxe, officially licensed book goes behind the scenes to tell the complete. The 2016 tacoma 4wd was recreated using the same features and black color paint trim, kc hilite driving. As back to the future celebrates its 30th anniversary, we delve into. Back to the future theme 2015 back to the future theme 2015. Written by michael klastorinthe production publicist on the second and third movieswith back to the future expert randal atamaniuk, this book delivers a range of surprises from the universal pictures. A worldwide cultural phenomenon and the highestgrossing film of 1985, back to the future launched one of the most successful franchises in universals history, including two theatrical sequels, an animated television series, a theme park ride, toys, comic books, video games and apparel. Marty mcfly tyler dunivan meets his son devin mcfly, who help fix the time machine. The combined eighttime grammy awardwinning pairing of alan silvestri and glen ballard will. The film has been inducted into the national film registry, having been. Gale shared another tease of what to expect from future comics, an idea that also came to him and the other writers via longtime fan curiosity. The best of the internets reaction to back to the future. On october 21st, 2015, this short, back to the 2015 future, premiered at universal citywalk as part of the 30th anniversary celebration. Back to the future is a 1985 american science fiction film directed by robert zemeckis and.

Goodreads members who liked back to the future also liked. Any fan of the back to the future triology who wants to be able to take the movie with them should think of picking up this book. The ultimate visual history is a stunning journey into the creation of this beloved timetraveling saga and features hundreds of neverbeforeseen images from all three movies, along with rare concept art, storyboards, and other visual treasures. Marty and doc brown go back to 2015 and find that one detail has changed the future as they knew it. Earlier this year, bob gale had released an official statement about the back the future musical, which was slated to hit the stages of londons west. This is the definitive back to the future bookvividly written, beautifully laid out and packed with. The future of marty mcbanderas is in a dangerous situation. How back to the future ii got 2015 surprisingly right in this exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book we dont need roads, the sequels production team talks about how they designed the. On the way he meets cast members of the back to the future series.

Selfconfessed back to the future nut catherine shoard takes a look at its accuracy. His friend doc has created a time machine and has seen him became a porn actor who fucks amazing women every day. The book says that in 2015, the police will be friendly, likeable, sexy and women. The real 2015 isnt so great in this back to the future. Brown builds a time machine from a retrofitted dmc delorean car, to gain insights into history and the future. Although we dont yet have flying, timetraveling deloreans, or selfadjusting and drying clothes, we dont know if the chicago cubs will win baseballs world series this month, and our hoverboards today can barely get off the. That october day was the destination for the films timetraveling teen marty mcfly.

While marty is reading the headlines of an october 2015 usa today, viewers catch a. Back to the future iis 2015 predictions were surprisingly. Part iv is starting to gain some traction on youtube and there is a good reason why. Back to the future part ii totally got our hopes up about the crazy technology wed have by now. Its back to the future day, its time to take a look at what the scifi series got right and wrong about the world in 2015. A sense of humor eases the experience of every decade. Reviewed in the united states on february 27, 2015. Not only does back to the future part iis 2015 have flying cars. Back to the future almanac 19852015 takes a journey through 30 years of bttf memorabilia, promotional materials, artwork, time machines and toys. Emmett brown went back in time to prevent a nuclear holocaust in 2045.

Now that 2015 is finally here, and its not at all what some thought it would be. Its really well put together, hitting the sweet nostalgia. Find books like back to the future from the worlds largest community of readers. Telling the story of how a film that was turned down by every studio in hollywood became one of the most merchandised franchises of all time.

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