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You have a second identity as an initiate of the cult, enough of a facade to blend in as a simple grunt, or servant. Herein is written the story of the cult of the dragon, beginning with its foundation. Cult of the dragon isnt really a faction, but theyre sworn enemies of the order of the. Cult of the dragon 2e wizards of the coast forgotten realms. Jack crawford looked at the pleasant old house, saltsilvered wood in the clear light. Their job is to put down with deadly force any who commit egregious acts of evil. Cult of the dragon 2e wizards of the coast forgotten.

About to start a 5e campaign, but i am not at all familiar with forgotten realms. Cultists idolize dragons as nearly divine, and more than a few dragons take up the cults offer of immortality. Each cult is devoted to one of the princes of elemental evil who are godlike entities embodying air, fire, earth, and water. It seeks to free tiamat from the nine hells and bring her into the forgotten realms.

Today we look into the cult of the dragon and its plans to give the world over to evil dragons. My journeys have led me far and wide and, as you have seen from previous volumes, i have gleaned much information from friends and foes concerning those who feel threatened by us the harpers. The flaming fist is based in the city of baldurs gate on the sword coast, where its members serve as a guard within the city. Men wear a fine tunic of black and silver while women wear a bodice and long gloves. Itemsgems and jewelry, poisons and potions, weapons and armor, and more. Forgotten realms accessories lettered advanced dungeons. So today we venture once again into the halls of meleemagthere with dex as he tells us about selvetarm. Gond is the deity of invention and cares only for the act of creation and pays no heed to the consequences of his inventions. Aug 05, 2004 realms of the dragons is a very enjoyable anthology with not very many terrible or bad stories. Dragonlance has greater thematic unity, forgotten realms has a broader setting. The cults main activities include serving as an intelli. The sword coast north was a region on the northwestern coast of faerun.

Cult of the dragon by dale donovan and naught will be left save shuttered thrones with no rulers. Better manage your group and your campaign, and have a better game. List of forgotten realms modules and sourcebooks wikipedia. The cult acted as an information network for its draconian masters, brought gems and riches as offerings, and encouraged evil dragons to become dracoliches. Half the book is history and current status post avatar, pre 4e events, the other 60 odd pages contain new spells, magic items and monsters, of course including 3 types of undead dragon and 5 dragon hybrids. James did something miraculous in the grand history of the realms 2007. When creating this server we took into consideration how other factions servers are so hard to find raid able bases or theres just simply too many factions. When armies of evil rise up from the seas around want to read. Putting the dragons back into the worlds most iconic roleplaying game interview, part 1. This 160page book describes the campaign setting as it lives and breathes in the imagination of its creator. I s joel mcgraw expanding one of the most popular pantheons. Anubis is now just one of many godkings of mulhorand who are dead and nearly forgotten. Buy a cheap copy of realms of the dragons forgotten realms book by elaine cunningham.

Forgotten realms compendium 3rd edition page 6 chapter 1 locations and lore dieties and the time of troubles many references have been made in various modules and refererence materials reguarding various gods in the forgotten realms. They were founded by the wizard sammaster to bring about his mad vision of a world ruled by his ultimate creations, the dracoliches. Im looking for additional information to mine on phlan, and the northern moonsea area of the forgotten realms, as well as information on the harpers, cult of the dragon, the zhentarim as factions i want to include in the adventure to help flesh out the story lines. The cult believes that the time of her return is at hand. Tsr 9488 forgotten realms the return of randal morn. Sammaster, first speaker of the cult of the dragon in the forgotten realms setting. The cult of kiaransalee forgotten realms lore youtube. The cult of the dragon is an organization that venerates undead dragons and to a lesser extent, living ones. While humans know him as gond, some gnomes who worship him know him as nebelun. While it comprised a rough landscape of rugged hills, precarious mountain ranges and dense forests, it was home to several likeminded towns and cities. Most of the stories do focus on the elves of the forgotten realms, but there times when i felt that the. The flaming fist is the largest and most powerful mercenary company of the forgotten realms. The secret society known as the cult of the dragon has existed in the realms for over 400 years.

A now rare forgotten realms supplement by dale donovan. Cult of the dragon is a forgotten realms 2nd edition supplement about its namesake, the cult of the dragon. Bahamut forgotten realms tyranny of dragons 5e campaign. Faiths of the forgotten realms 2 dungeon masters guild.

The cult of the dragons main activities were to gather intelligence for the evil dragons of faerun, contribute treasure for their hoards, and aid them in any way. Forgotten realms production had started off quietly in the 3e era with softcover adventures like pool of radiance. Umm, im just reading off of the forgotten realms wiki. If you want draconic traps and treasure, new monsters, and new dragon spells, youve come to the right book. With the advent of the cult of the dragon many chromatic dragons were tempted to become dracoliches. The forgotten realms timeline5642 elves found the city of evereska. They reanimated the gargantuan corpses as powerful and fell dracoliches. Faiths of the forgotten realms is back with volume 2. Information on the order of the gauntlet as well as bonus info on the cult of the dragon.

The cult of the dragon is spread throughout faerun and has helped many dragons achieve immortal undeath. The primarily human membership seeks to elevate evil dragonkind to rule all of toril as its dominion. Sammaster firstspeaker founder of the cult of the dragon. And naught will be left save shuttered thrones with no rulers. The cult of the dragon is a criminal organization composed of isolated cult cells that all pursue the same goal, to achieve power using their greatest weapon. Cult of the dragon edit cult of the dragon symbol taken from forgotten realms campaign setting. The cult worships dragons, believing they will rule the world in the future and will keep them as monarchs next in line. This tome is a compilation of the lifetime efforts of numerous dragon hunting adventurers, presented to those who crave hints and leads for dragon questing. Forgotten realms collectors guide morrus unofficial. The cult of selvetarm forgotten realms lore youtube.

I should have caught you in marathon when you got off work, he said. Dungeon masters guild forgotten realms 5th edition pdf. Ed greenwood presents elminsters forgotten realms pdf. You have infiltrated the ranks of the cult of the dragon. Cult of the dragon tunic official neverwinter wiki. Written by dale donovan, it was published by tsr, inc.

And finally, decide the best way to incorporate the cult into a forgotten realms campaign by. In those ancient times he was known by the name of xymor by his dragon followers. For all of you that wanted to play that drow barbarian. Cult of the dragon a secret society type cult elven powers corellon larethian arts, crafts, music, war aerdrie faenya air, weather, avians deep sashelas creation, knowledge, beauty trishina love, fidelity, the young, play solonor thelandira archery, hunting erevan ilesere mischief, change, rogues fenmarel mestarine feral elves, scapegoats.

Tiamat teeamaht is a greedy, vain, and arrogant goddess who embodies all the strengths of her chromatic progeny but few of their weaknesses. In the forgotten realms campaign setting, an organization known as the cult of the dragon is responsible for inventing the method of the dracolich creation. The cult schemes to create undead dragons, mainly the dracolich. Whatever the truth, his cult grew rapidly in the communities of metallic dragons, especially among young gold dragons. Is there a book or site that talks about all the different cities, guilds, history, etc. She is entirely focused on the acquisition of personal power and wealth and views mortals as hapless pawns in her struggles with other deities. Cult of the dragon sourcebook forgotten realms wiki. Cult of the dragon forgotten realms tyranny of dragons. Each story does do a competent job at capturing your interest in dragon culture of the forgotten realms. However once the line got going properly in 2001, it was divided into two parts.

She can be charming and fey when necessary, but her selfserving, evil, reptilian nature is readily. Mythology as the first mulhorandi god of the dead, anubis was. The forgotten realms is a community based whitelist factions server with an integrated ranking up system. The cult of the dragon, also known as keepers of the secret hoard or, as of around 70 dr, wearers of purple, was a semireligious evil organization venerating undead dragons, or dracoliches. In some traditions, he was the son of asgoroth and brother of tiamat and null. Most of the others practice strange worship collectively known as the cults of the dragon below. No longer can the members of one of the most infamous clandestine organizations in all the realms lurk in their comfortable shadows. Wizened emperors and upstart kings scheme and fight to secure a place in the. Sep 12, 20 yuo i have cult of the dragon down with commander and no losses, but cant make a video for it now because i cant find the save. Distributed to the book trade in the united states by random house, inc. I dont remember the cult of the dragon ever being in a video game.

Today we look once again to the dark seldarine, with kiaransalee. The cult of the dragon the alternate forgotten realms. Anubis was once known as the guardian of the dead, and served in the role osiris now holds before he was slain during the orcgate wars. This anthology features a range of stories by authors new to the. Cult of the dragon hoard of the dragon queen obsidian portal. But the dead dragons shall rule the world entire, and. Red dragon by thomas harris 2 2 chapter 1 will graham sat crawford down at a picnic table between the house and the ocean and gave him a glass of iced tea. Read this tome, and learn what the zhentarim, the red wizards of thay, and the cult of the dragon could not, despite. So too has the mysterious cult which worships them been shrouded, but no more the shroud has been lifted. The cult of the dragon is a semireligious evil organization. And finally, decide the best way to incorporate the cult into a forgotten realms campaign by browsing the numerous adventure hooks for just the right scenario to tempt and terrify players of any gaming style. Beginning play as mere apprentices, woodsmen, petty thieves, and sellswords, the pcs grow to become mighty legends, of whom.

While there were a few stories that couldve had better representation of dragons, they were still very enjoyable. Cult of the dragon dragonwing idle champions of the. Pdf download forgotten realms adventures advanced dungeons and dragons hardcover accessory. The forgotten realms campaign set was written by ed greenwood, with jeff grubb and karen martin, and published as a boxed set in 1987. Attack on myth drannor 2000 and into the dragon s lair 2000. Forgotten realms is a dungeons and dragons setting that focuses primarily on faerun, an ancient land of magic and monsters, of peril and wonder. Most dieties have been mentioned in them during the years of the time of troubles. Cult of the dragon 2e no longer can the members of one of the. The cult of the dragon s ed greenwood dragons can be liches, too s heres how for better or norse. Open library is an initiative of the internet archive, a 501c3 nonprofit, building a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Its the first truly unsolicited and fancreated project published by wizards of the coast, a work of passion that was first written and placed on the internet by a fan in the form of a 100page pdf. And at the end, the queen of dragons will rule all. An allnew anthology showcasing the dragons of the forgotten realms world, including a new story from new york times bestselling author r. From minor trinkets to artifacts of epic power and renown.

The map extends from the endless ice sea and the spine of the world in the north including icewind dale, mirabar, and luskan. Minor shelf wear on cover see pics otherwise near mint condition. The most prominent of these cities banded together with nearby allies. Cult of the dragon forgotten realms noble knight games. The diggles dragon stuffed animals toy sewing pattern can be made from most types of fabrics including woven,nonstretch fabrics eg. An allnew anthology showcasing dragons of the forgotten realmsworld and featuring new authors. Jan 31, 2015 the cult helps fate along by inf luencing dragons to become dracoliches, which the cult refers to as sacred ones. To accomplish its goal, the cult needs five ancient dragon masks and the support of evil dragons everywhere. Learn of the cult s most powerful current cells, their leaders, the dragons and dracoliches that work with them. Most of the stories are fairly good and entertaining, but there are a few that do ruin the experience. Commonly referred to by players and game designers alike as the realms, it was created by game designer ed greenwood around 1967 as a setting for his childhood stories.

Lords of darkness 3e wizards of the coast dungeons. Roughly half the orc inhabitants still follow a simple, rustic lifestyle and continue to observe the druidic traditions of the gatekeepers. Media novelsall the many novels, short stories, and ebooks set in the forgotten realms. Forgotten realms organizations random encounter wiki. Cult of the dragon by dale donovanand naught will be left save shuttered thrones with no rulers. When possible, the cults transforms powerful, willing evil dragons into dracoliches. Year of rogue dragons is set in 73 dr during the dracorage. Its designed for four players who take the roles of.

Each cult is led by a nihilistic prophet, corrupted by power. Notes on the cult of the dragon written by dazrin drakarden, master harper. Cult of the dragon, and they have the chance to destroy. An arcane cataclysm and the merging of two worlds have ravaged the world, realigned its planes, and left nations in ruins. Common knowledge series forgotten realms campaign setting. Beginning play as mere apprentices, woodsmen, petty thieves, and sellswords, the pcs grow to become mighty legends, of whom tales of heroism are recounted across the north. Diggles the dragon instant download sewing pattern pdf. The cover for cult of the dragon is drawn from the cover for the early editions of spellfire 1987. She is a goddess of vengeance and necromancy and embodies the drows more vindictive nature. Realms of the dragons forgotten realms book by elaine. Never ever doubt with our deal, due to the fact that we will consistently provide just what you need. Long the odd man out of all the mad power groups of the realms, this wonderful game supplement by dale donovan lays bare the lore surrounding not only the cult of the dragon as it is today, but as it was. The sword coast forgotten realms map this map was included in the hoard of the dragon queen adventure module and includes from the sword coast to anauroch in the east.

Hotdq appendix a backgrounds tbd tyranny of dragons. The organization has also created several other undead dragon varieties, as well as other dragon like monsters including the dracimera a dragon chimera and the mantidrake a dragon. Obsidian portal allows you to create campaign websites for tabletop roleplaying games. Magicmagic in the forgotten realms, be it arcane, divine, or stranger arts. Individually, the cults are devastating the north with unnatural disasters. This book focuses on the cult surrounding evil dragons and the history of that cult, mostly. Richard baker of wotc noticed it, loved it, contacted the author, and arranged for wizards to publish it officially. The shadow marches are still scarred by that war, and remnants of the horrors it unleashed yet lurk there.

Sammaster, a mage of considerable prowess, founded the cult. From these six lands, the great empire of cormanthyr was faeru. Highly secretive, the cult of the dragon maintains a loosely connected web of autonomous cells. The cult of the dragon venerated dragons, evil dragons in particular, and specifically dead evil dragons. Buy a cheap copy of realms of the dragons ii forgotten. Saga of the dragon cult is a collection of four classic dcc adventures that takes pcs from 1st level all the way to 10th level and beyond.

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